Kate Mackenzie Electricity: Yes, we have a demand fall

Remember when the IEA said in May that worldwide electricity demand would fall this year for the first time since 1945? Argus has made a handy chart of first-half demand in Europe:

Actual sales fell everywhere, and output rose for Enel because of a change in how its majority stake in Russian producer OGK-5 was accounted for, while EdF’s output was higher because of its purchase of British Energy.

Earlier this week, UK generator Drax described the fall in demand as ‘unprecedented’ as it recorded a 12.3 per cent fall in net sales to 11.4Twh. Load factor on its plant fell more than 9 percentage points to 69.3 per cent.

The picture might be a little more mixed in emerging markets, however. For example, Duke Energy’s international sales, mostly in Central and South America, were down 13 per cent, year-on-year for the first half, while Endesa’s sales were up 8.1 per cent in Latin America – though sales were only 0.2 per cent higher.

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