Spot News

Oil industry split on climate law protests
Rift over ‘energy citizen’ rallies plan (FT)

China waves its little green book
Largest emitter spies on advantage in carbon cuts (FT)

Beijing sets date for emissions cut
China’s carbon emissions will start declining by 2050 (FT)

US sends mixed signals about sanctions
Potential review of sanctions on Sudan and Syria (Argus)

Low demand depresses European refinery runs
Run cuts and shutdowns across Europe this quarter (Argus)

The brighter side of expensive oil
Soaring petrol price will see America flourish (FT)

Shell in bid for Australia’s Arrow
£1.5bn for coal seam gas producer (Reuters)

Scotland eyes carbon-capture for North Sea
Carbon capture seen as essential to curbing emissions (FT)

Turkmenistan gas to flow into Iran
Move will put pressure on Gazprom to settle trading dispute (FT)

Sterling Energy restructures for survival
Strategy includes Russian financier as leading shareholder (FT)

Helius venture eyes whisky fuelled power
£50m project will generate 7.2MW of electricity (FT)

Hovensa not planning refinery shutdown
Kingshill refinery not shut down due to Tropical Depression Ana (Reuters)