Spot News

Rising oil prices threaten to derail the global recovery
Divergence between oil and money never been so apparent (FT)

Clinton’s oily policy
US oil imports from west Africa expected to double in next decade (FT)

Brazil seeks more control over oil beneath its seas
Move could significantly slow development of oil fields (NYT)

Iran likely still importing Indian gasoline
Officials confident Iran able to secure gasoline in future (Argus)

Distress signals from specialist ship sector
Oil product tankers are latest victims of industry downturn (FT)

Deutsche says new energy trading rules may boost Opec’s power
Proposals to curb speculation may reduce liquidity (Bloomberg)

Healthy rebound for clean energy
Investment has shot up, but sector likely to remain highly volatile (FT)

Ill winds abate for battered sector
Turbine businesses shaken by stormy financial conditions (FT)

Capacity targets to be missed amid slowdown
US wind industry suffered sharp slowdown this year (FT)

German gasoil sales decline to 13-month low in July
Germans stocked up on gasoil as prices fell (Bloomberg)

Essar bids for three Shell refineries in Europe
$2.4bn sale part of oil group shake-up (FT)

Santos to partner with GDF Suez for floating LNG project
Deal will give GDF first foothold in Asia (Reuters)

Ecuador in $1bn oil deal with China
Will get 69m barrels in return for $1bn advance payment (FT)

Soviet-era power infrastructure creaks
Eleven killed after water burst at hydroelectric station (FT)

Dragon plans on hold
Oil company awaits Dubai’s formal takeover bid (FT)