James Fontanella-Khan Spot News

Washington approves oil-sands pipeline
‘Positive economic signal in difficult times’(FT)

Power plants invest in renewables
Industry set to boost growth of clean energy (FT)

Gas industry girds to fight in the Senate over climate
Debate comes at a critical time for the gas industry (WSJ)

Australia backs 20% renewable energy target
Bill had been split from the government’s more ambitious plan (FT)

Petrobras finds light crude off Brazil coast
Preliminary studies indicate that around 280m barrels were found (Reuters)

Wellstream warns over contracts
Shares in the oil and gas pipeline manufacturer slipped more than 10% (FT)

Rio backs ore pricing reform as profts drop
Revenues from continuing operations fell from $27.2bn to $18.8bn (FT)

Poor farmers biggest losers from warming planet
Report highlights the need to supply them with drought-resistant seeds (Bloomberg)

Two-way technology for leaner, cleaner networks
Smart grids to balance supply and demand much more efficiently (FT)

Savings potential scales new heights
The global potential for energy efficiency is vast (FT)