Ed Crooks The Source: Gazprom and Gorgon, goodbye to oil, or perhaps not, and climate protests hit London

In Energy Source:

Gazprom counts the cost of Ukraine dispute

Gorgon approval is the latest move in the long strange career of Peter Garrett


Oil: the long goodbye (Special report in Foreign Policy)

….including a Saudi blast against US hopes of energy independence (Foreign Policy)

Those hopes could be boosted by the US climate change bill, which could cut the country’s dependence on foreign oil (Centre for American Progress)

The API makes the case for Canada’s oil sands (The Oil Drum)

…and the Peak Oil believers hit back at the NYT attempt to dismiss their case. With more to come, they say (The Oil Drum)

Mexico’s biggest oil field, the eighth biggest in the world, will die by the end of next year (Gregor)

Climate protestors set up camp in London (BBC)