James Fontanella-Khan Spot news

Japan sticks to greenhouse gas target
Incoming PM promises 25% cut by 2020

China backs efforts to break oil contracts
Move delivers a blow to some of the world’s biggest investment banks (FT)

Warning for chances of deal on emissions
Forcing emerging economies cut C02 output could backfire, says World Bank (FT)

Chevron says gives Ecuador evidence in bribery case
E-mail and video evidence linked to a $27bn lawsuit against the US oil group (Reuters)

Shake-up for watchdog as energy policy shifts
More focus on climate change issues (FT)

Delta flies empty planes across Atlantic
Environmental campaigners attack airline over ‘ghost’ flights (Guardian)

Mexico to enjoy $8bn windfall from oil bet
Astute risk management will make it the envy of Opec (FT)

Mexico’s big gamble pays off
Mexico’s hedge is noteworthy not only for its success but also for its rarity (FT)

BP conducts seismic survey off the coast of Libya
It prepares to drill its first well amid the Lockerbie controversy (Bloomberg)

Competition watchdog warns on intervention
Food supply shortages and energy insecurity to persist (FT)

Commodity regulators push transparency
Moves follows criticism that speculators pushed oil prices to record levels (FT)

Critics warn Brazil oil plan will deter investors
Plans to switch from concessions system to production sharing agreements (FT)

France aims to head off storm on carbon levy
Tax will be set at E14 to E16 per tonne of CO2 (FT)

Energy report: The next generation of nuclear reactors is on its way
Supporters say they will be safer, cheaper and more efficient (WSJ)