Carola Hoyos Opec tackles the environment…sort of

At their meeting in Vienna on Wednesday, Opec members did not only discuss oil production levels and prices; they also touched on their collective position ahead of the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen at the end of this year.

As José Maria Botelho de Vasconcelos, Angola’s oil minister, said at the start of the meeting:

Oil producers must ensure that their interests are properly represented in the post-Kyoto agreement, as this is drawn up. There is much at stake here, for both present and future generations, in our member countries.

And at the end of the session, Abdalla Salem El Badri, Opec’s secretary-general, said Kyoto promises needed to be kept and that developing countries should not have to carry the burden of cleaning up the environment. Nor should oil producers be penalised for what they do, he said.

The group will have to come up with a more concrete position soon. Watch this space…

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