James Fontanella-Khan Spot news

GE boosts solar power production
Crucial step to boost its multibillion-dollar renewables business (FT)

Seabed minerals drive India’s naval strategy
Navy has identified future energy resources in Indian Ocean (FT)

Wheat drops to lowest since April 2007
Price falls as global supplies swell (Bloomberg)

Zac Goldsmith: ‘I don’t need to become a political automaton’
Tory candidate on how he is going to green the party (Guardian)

Commissioner calls for wider CFTC powers
Plans to call for broader powers to police manipulation (FT)

Europe signals limits on climate funds
EU wary of offering more than is necessary to secure global climate deal (NYT)

Bglobal in Gazprom deal
Russian giant plans to attack the UK electricity market (FT)

Petrobras oil reserves to hit 30-35bn barrels by 2012
Drilling costs now $100m per well, but could fall (Reuters)

Editorial comment: Resource nationalism
$70 oil is high enough to produce stirrings of nationalism (FT)

BP says biofuel to replace 25% of gasoline in US
Change will occur in the next 20 years (Bloomberg)

JPMorgan counters EcoSecurities bid
JPM offered £129 for the carbon trading company (FT)

Roc Oil quits Aim in cost-cutting move
Comapany has merged with Anzon Energy in Australia (FT)