James Fontanella-Khan Spot news

China and India warned over emissions
Climate envoy says they run risk of protectionist measures in US Congress (FT)

Anadarko venture discovers new oil frontier
Stretches 1,100km along the coast from Ghana to Sierra Leone (FT)

France signals power market reform
Paris pledged to open its electricity market to greater competition (FT)

Opec raises 2009-10 oil demand forecasts
Cartel expects the world economy will rebound (Bloomberg)

Democrats draw battle lines on energy use
John Kerry to submit a bill to tackle global warming (FT)

Apollo buys Parallel Petroleum in $483m deal
Company will become part of an entity with over $38bn in assets (Bloomberg)

BG announces large oil and gas find
Reserves not yet known in latest deepwater Brazilian find (FT)

Schwarzenegger orders renewables goal
California to get 33% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020 (NYT)

Exchange-traded funds miss oil gusher
While oil spot price has risen 54% this year, oil ETFs have underperformed (WSJ)

Providence to diversify into gas storage
Irish oil and gas explorer to buy 40% in the Kinsale Head gas fields (FT)

PetroChina pumps coal seam gas in West-East pipeline
Group started building the 35km long coal seam gas pipe in June (Reuters)

UK Coal set for large rights issue
Move to help it overcome severe financial strains (FT)

Coal helps Hargreaves mine a rich seam
Pre-tax profits 46% higher thanks coal (FT)