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William MacNamara

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NYT opens new line in the Peak Oil debate – are supply fears overblown, or does the NYT “have no clue”? (Oil Drum)

Peak Oil sceptics might soon be pointing to Norway’s ‘gates of hell’ (Bloomberg)

Reinventing the light bulb (NYT)

Maglevs, a green mode of transport that might be getting less quixotic (Infrastructuralist)

Citi is bullish on supply and demand for coal, in 40-page report on state of the global industry (Citi Research)

G20 agenda hijacked by global warming
Shift reflects fears over Copenhagen (FT)

Jakarta policies reveal pitfalls of fuel subsidies
Indonesian president to open G20 talk on subject (FT)

Editorial: An idea whose time has come
Scrapping fuel subsidies will help the poor and the world (FT)

Lex: Global warming (FT)

Commodity index considers benchmark excluding US prices
Proposed move is in response to US regulatory clampdown (FT)

Cut in floating storage puts short-term cap on oil prices
Structural shift halves crude held in tankers (FT)

Russia seeks investments in Yamal gas fields
Putin convenes meeting with 10 energy companies (FT)

US utilities pledge switch to electric vehicles
Promise to convert to plug-in hybrid or all-electric by 2020 (FT)

GM to build electric car with Reva of India
Vehicle to be sold in South Asia (FT)

DNO works to salvage Kurdish venture
Still reeling from authorities’ threat to cancel export licence (FT)

Naftogaz fate hangs on $500m eurobond offer
Ukrainian company critical to Europe’s natural gas supply (FT)

Slumping energy demand has bottomed, Energy Capital says
CEO says forward and spot prices are at lows (Bloomberg)

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