Ed Crooks The Source: Indian nuclear ambitions; fuel subsidies; Iran sanctions; Peak Oil again and Mexican decline, and is China’s renewable energy really the “new sputnik”?

On Energy Source today:

The draft climate agreement to be finalised at Copenhagen still needs a huge amount of work

Will China and Nigeria be able to make their huge proposed oil deal work?

Oil steadies after recent falls


India sets a hugely ambitious goal for nuclear power (Bloomberg)

…and plans to use untested technology (The Guardian)

Cutting fuel subsidies would be a huge step forward in fighting climate change (The National)

A few large discoveries do not mean we can forget about Peak Oil (The Oil Drum)

Looking at the data for Mexico’s declining oil production (Gregor)

Tom Friedman’s “new sputnik” warning assessed (Energy Outlook)

The US looks for new sanctions against Iran, but is unlikely to affect oil its exports or petrol imports (WSJ)

Exelon quits the US Chamber of Commerce over its stance on climate change (NY Times)