Ed Crooks The Source: China to curb its wind industry, a climate bill comes to the US Senate, nuclear power defended, and what is Peak Oil?

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Ed Markey tries to encourage Europeans about US climate policy

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Oil rallies


China plans to cut the number of wind power companies by 90 per cent (Renewable Energy Magazine)

..as part of its crackdown on industrial overcapacity (AP)

A leaked draft of the US Senate climate bill calls for deeper cuts than the version passed in the House (NY Times)

…and is still full of gaps that will need to be filled (Institute for Energy Research)

…but the draft bill is not the same as the version that will be published on Wednesday (Greenwire)

A problem for solar power in the US: water shortages (NY Times)

Don’t let the Simpsons put you off nuclear power (Infrastructurist)

What is Peak Oil? (Seeking Alpha)