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Carola Hoyos

On Energy Source:

ExxonMobil gets itself in a tough oil spot in Ghana

As finding resources means more remote locations, technology is key


Kurdistan halts oil exports (NY Times)

Mystery fault hits rig ‘copters (Scottish Sun)

Plugging leaking Australian oil well fails for a second time (AAP)

Oil reserves rations 101 (Investopedia)

Paul L Bloom, tackler of oil companies dies at 70 (NY Times)

Total continues talks in Iran (Dow Jones)

Big bang scientist planned to blow up refinery (Daily Mail)

China and Russia bolster gas ties (Reuters)

Enel may delay decision over renewable energy sale to 2010 (Bloomberg)

Sheila McNulty

As oil and gas companies the world over are searching increasingly remote locations for new sources of oil and gas, technology is going to play a growing role in accessing those resources. It is also going to play a major role in maintaining them and keeping them flowing.

That is why consultants have long urged the sector to increase its research and development budgets. Yet there may be a faster and cheaper solution to technological advances than in-house research.

James Fontanella-Khan

Special report: Modern energy
BRICs, EU, US,alternatives and coal strategies (FT)

US aims for carbon capture in a decade
Plan for commercial deployment within a decade (FT)

Schwarzenegger vetoes energy bills
seeks to boost the state’s percentage of renewable power sold to 33% (WSJ)

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