Kate Mackenzie Rhyming fun with Opec

We found this ‘Ode to Opec‘ from EnergyBurrito, a blog by SummitEnergy analyst Matt Smith, very amusing:


Source: Opec

Oh I wish I worked for Opec,
I bet the pay is great;
They only meet four times a year,
To have a quick debate.

Oh I wish I worked for Opec,
Their meetings sound like fun,
They always meet in a fancy place
And never get much done.

Oh I wish I worked for Opec,
I could shoot the breeze;
And give statements to reporters,
Like how Opec is keeping quotas unchanged when in reality they are doing whatever they feel like.

Want more Opec songs?

Well, we turned up this on Youtube. Not brilliant (really, it’s not; there are lines like: ‘have no fear cos Opec is here confecting that oil price/ You know that they’ll make it really low, that’d be nice’) but it’s kind of a grower:

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