Kate Mackenzie Spot news

Energy companies idle 29.6% of oil output for storm
Tropical Storm Ida first to disrupt production this season (Bloomberg)

China-US deal on clean energy projects
CCS and electric cars, but no Copenhagen breakthrough (FT)

Ministers pick 10 nuclear sites
RWE Npower quits competition (FT)

Questions remains on viability and waste
UK nuclear issue swept under the carpet (FT)

Obama will go to Copenhagen to clinch deal
‘If it will make a difference’ (Reuters)

Sinopec, PetroChina gain on China fuel price increase
Government increases diesel and petrol prices for first time in two months (Bloomberg)

China seeks Africa joint ventures
Head of China’s Africa investment fund speaks (FT)

Reliance looks to buy LyondellBasell assets
Deal could be worth $6bn (FT)

Chemical reaction may help Mukesh Ambani focus
Comment: LyondellBasell would put distraction concerns to rest (FT)