Ed Crooks The source: Texas cuts emissions; Obama in Japan; more peak oil debate; and polluting pets

On Energy Source:

US climate and energy legislation: the issues that need to be addressed

The UK offshore wind industry looks ahead to a bright future

Oil recovers

Everything peaks, eventually


How to use the lessons from the “hot oil” debate of the 1930s to help climate policy today (Houston Chronicle)

Texas has cut its emissions more than any other state in the US (Houston Chronicle)

US Senators want to offer a prize for taking CO2 out of the atmosphere (Dot Earth)

Gazprom’s ambitions in the US (Business Week)

Japan and the US promise a “new era” for fighting emissions (AFP)

…and co-operate on nuclear reprocessing (WSJ Environmental Capital)

The oil situation is really bad” (ASPO USA)

Future oil shortages are being underplayed, say experts (The Guardian)

…plus more for Swedish speakers (English will follow later) (Aleklett’s Energy Mix)

How to win round Iran (The National)

And pets are bad for the planet (The Guardian)