James Fontanella-Khan Spot news

Obama rules out Copenhagen treaty
Summit will not produce a binding agreement to tackle global warming (FT)

Repsol weighs Brazil options
Spanish oil firm seeks financing to develop discoveries (WSJ)

EU warned of green energy threat
Investment rate must increase sharply, says report (FT)

Global recovery ‘carries new risk of price surge’
Conditions are ripe for a fresh surge in food prices, says UN (FT)

Exxon shares poised to shine
Shares in the world’s largest oil group could rise over 20% next year (Barron’s)

Spain projects solidify its top solar-thermal ranking
The nation’s renewable-energy potential will increase by about 37% (Bloomberg)

Battle for Asarco enters final phase
One of the most dramatic corporate bankruptcy cases will be resolved this month (FT)

Vattenfall prepares to name new chief
The Swedish power group is close to appoint Lars Josefsson successor (FT)

Airline industry seizes the initiative on emissions
IATA pledged to cut emissions by half by 2050 (FT)

Q&A: On the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit
‘No legally binding agreement to tackle global warming’