Ed Crooks The Source: Peak Oil and the IEA; Repsol’s future; good news for solar power in China and India;

On Energy Source:

The IEA’s chief economist on peak oil, gas gluts, carbon prices and more

The Platts Energy 250: big oil still on top

Celebrities set a climate challenge for Oxfam

Crude rallies


Why oil production is reaching its limits: the basics (The Oil Drum)

More good exploration news from BP in the Gulf of Mexico (BP website)

…but Devon Energy, its partner in the field, is selling out (AP)

The man who pioneered US shale gas (Houston Chronicle)

US gas drilling has stabilised (Dow Jones / WSJ)

Repsol says Brazil oil finds will boost its reserves, and it could sell a stake in its Brazilian business (Reuters)

…but it is cutting its E&P spending (Bloomberg)

…and its chairman is under pressure (Barron’s)

What are the prospects for Copenhagen now Obama has accepted the inevitable and said there will be no binding treaty agreed there? (NY Times)

US energy and climate change legislation may not make much progress even next year (Politico)

India to boost funding for solar power (WSJ)

…and the plunging cost of silicon gives Asian companies an advantage (WSJ Environmental Capital)

Britain’s opposition Conservatives may support action on climate change, but their leading bloggers do not (The Guardian)