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Sheila McNulty

A programme to bring plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to the streets of Houston is being launched on Tuesday by Reliant Energy, which is backed by one of the nation’s largest power producers, NRG Energy.

The programme includes converting 10 Toyota Prius cars, owned by the city of Houston, to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and installing 10 vehicle-charging stations to power them. Seven of the 10 charging stations will be open to use by the public, representing the biggest public charging infracture in Texas.

The goal is to raise consumer awareness and education about plug-in electric cars and promote Houston and Texas as an electric vehicle center. Read more

Carola Hoyos

On Energy Source:

The downsides of subsidising gas Read more

Carola Hoyos

Starter for 10: Which is the world’s third largest natural gas consuming country? Read more

Sheila McNulty

The announcement by Devon Energy that it will sell its Gulf of Mexico and international assets to generate up to $7.5bn, so it can focus its attention on the north American onshore assets and retire debt, underlines the growing significance of the US natural gas play.

Devon, which has been an early investor in the natural gas play, with its leading position in the Barnett Shale, must believe that future returns lie with natural gas trapped in shale across the US. Indeed, a lot of the independents do. Read more

James Fontanella-Khan

UN links climate with hunger
World can’t achieve food security without tackling global warming, says Ban Ki-Moon (FT)

Copenhagen hope fading, warns Seychelles
‘Copenhagen was a beacon of hope, but its brightness is fading’ (FT)
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