Spot News

Russia and EU plan system to limit energy supply disruption
Concerns persist over renewed tensions with Ukraine (FT)

Gas fears to dominate Yalta talks
Energy is not only issue Russia and Ukraine must iron out (FT)

Asia set to overtake US in green technology
US think-tanks say China is rapidly catching up (FT)

Russia raises its target for emissions cuts
Moscow willing to cut by 20-25% by 2020 (FT)

Clearing ground for a deal to save forests
Part 1 of FT series on global warming looks at deforestation (FT)

Europe’s appliance industry makes the grade
EU changes scheme for energy-efficiency labelling (FT)

Qatar to build $9.8bn plants in China and Vietnam
Country to partner with CNOOC on China plant (Bloomberg)

New EDF chief voices dissent
Calls for rethink of France’s nuclear industry (FT)