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William MacNamara


US will announce plans for emissions reduction target at Copenhagen (Reuters) Read more

William MacNamara

Iraqi Kurdistan, a siren song of a place with its 40bn+ barrels of untapped oil, continues to push smart people away even as it pulls them closer. For oil investors there, the tune goes something like, “Forget all the licensing disputes and political mess of today and yesterday … It will be sorted out tomorrow … The market demands it, political necessity demands it … And then there will be 40 billion barrels of oil and everyone will get rich”. This tune is starting to sound pathetic.

Heritage Oil today confirmed it plans to sell its Ugandan oil stakes to Eni for $1.5bn – it was applauded as a smart move for one of the best E&Ps in the business. But Uganda was less a part of the equation than Kurdistan. Read more

James Fontanella-Khan