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Ed Crooks

President Obama has made an unexpected commitment to attend the Copenhagen climate talks in December. Perhaps more significantly, the US has confirmed that it will make an offer of a cut in greenhouse gas emissions: “in the range of” 17 per cent from 2005 levels by 2020.

Taken together, the two announcements increase the chances that the meeting will come up with a meaningful agreement.

James Fontanella-Khan

Shell says $80 oil will halt debt rise
Oil group signalled that the steep rise in its debts is ending (FT)

Sinopec, TPG said to have weighed LyondellBasell bid
Move to challenge Reliance’s $10-12bn offer (Bloomberg)

Carbon will mature as inflation hedge
Green credit will replace oil and gold (Reuters)

Australians strike carbon deal
Hopes of playing a lead role at Copenhagen summit boosted (FT)

Canberra faces legal challenge on carbon scheme
Power groups to act if compensations won’t rise (FT)

Tories admit no new cash for green Isa
The shadow chancellor has not yet committed any new funding (FT)

China farmers face climate woes, says McKinsey (FT)
Tens of millions could face dramatic losses of income

EU competition officials raid CEZ offices
Czech energy utility suspected to have push up electricity prices (FT)

California unveils draft cap-and-trade rules
Effort to use the market to address global warming (Reuters)

Nuclear to add £40 to bills, says EDF
Move to persuade the private sector to build new stations (FT)

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