Ed Crooks The Source: China, Ukraine and gas; Obama’s risky trip to Copenhagen; leaked climate emails; oil storage and more

On Energy Source:

Obama will go to Copenhagen, and the US will offer a cut in emissions

Shell CEO sets out his strategy and challenges


China seeks to boost production and raise imports to tackle gas shortage (Xinhua)

…while Ukraine wants less gas, and Russia shows mercy on take-or-pay contracts (Tehran Times)

Obama sets the bar for Copenhagen success (OurFuture.org)

The crisis over the leaked climate emails will not go away (George Monbiot at The Guardian)

US invests $620m in smart grid and energy storage demonstration projects (Energy Efficiency News)

Beijing slams Europe’s emissions effort (WSJ)

…but a Chinese / international advisory body says there is huge potential to cut China’s emissions intensity (Green Inc)

Crude storage is likely to rise as the oil market contango steepens (Reuters)

…although crude has perked up to $78 (Reuters)

EnCana shareholders agree to split the company (FT)