Kate Mackenzie Spot news

Special report: Copenhagen climate summit
The issues, the players, and the politics that could change the world (FT)

Lex: Ethanulled
Ethanol is a environmental travesty and a waste of taxpayer money (FT)

ICE sets trading volume records for Brent, gasoil
Brent futures trading in November up 22% year-on-year  (Argus)

Editorial: Anticlimactic policy
The best solution is a global cap and tradeable national quotas (FT)

South Korea fines LPG cartel $581m
Six companies fined for price-fixing (Reuters)

Carbon development mechanism, part 2
More on the UN international carbon offset scheme (FT)

Alstom defends winning Areva bid
French companies dismiss claims of political fix (FT)

Shell critic says oil major targeting his website
Royaldutchshellplc.com operator cites released emails (Reuters)

NIgerians urge Yar’Adua to step down
Warnings of power vaccuum as leader in hospital (FT)

Tax ‘cleaner’ than carbon trading, Brookings Institution says
Trading too volatile, says thinktank (Bloomberg)

ConocoPhillips slashes budget
Oil major to cut capex by 10% (UpstreamOnline)

E-mails won’t change climate science, says Holdren
White House science advisor and EPA chief Jackson grilled in Congressional hearing (Bloomberg)

ENOC tries to allay Dragon Oil fears
Dubai refiner insists takeover can proceed (FT)

GM’s Lutz sees limited market share for electric cars
Volt chief points to 300,000 US EVs by 2015 (Reuters)