Fiona Harvey Copenhagen delegate diary, Dec 6: Whisky and ‘aidwash’

  • Security guards closed off registration and entry to would-be delegates for almost an hour, preventing hundreds from gaining access. Security is tight already, without the presence of any of the ministers or leaders. When they arrive, the city may hit a standstill.
  • New buzzword of the day: ‘aidwash’. That was the name given by UN climate chief Yvo de Boer to efforts by rich countries to rebrand their existing overseas development help to poor countries as climate change-related aid.
  • Scottish businesses, non-government organisations and institutions created a special edition Scotch whisky, bottles of which will be sent as gifts to key negotiators at the talks. The 42 per cent proof, 20-year-old spirit is called TwentyTwenty 42 – after Scotland’s pledge to cut its greenhouse gases by 42 per cent by 2020.