Kate Mackenzie Spot news

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Naimi Says Oil Price Is ‘Perfect’
‘Investors, producers, consumers – they’re all very happy’ (Bloomberg)

CNOOC may double oil, gas output off South China to meet demand
May expand to almost 80m boe a year by 2015; deeper wells planned (Bloomberg)

Chevron’s $82m Wheatstone LNG deal is Australia’s biggest – govt
Tokyo Electric Power to buy 3.1m tonnes a year for 20 years (Reuters)

Comment: Speculation in oil futures is not excessive
Hilary Till uses traditional speculation metrics to look at Nymex futures (FT)

Only one in two voters accepts manmade climate change, according to new poll
52% of British voters believe humans are largely responsible (Telegraph)

South Korea to Ban Single-Hulled Tankers From 2011
In line with global drive against ship blamed for oil spills (Bloomberg)

Enoc fears backlash from Dragon’s tail
Shareholders in the Dublin company have a big decision to make (FT)

Kazakh groups to shift away from London
UK investors did not stand by the companies, says central bank governor (FT)

Hot, Flat and Crowded
Thomas Friedman’s book reviewed (FT)

The Economics and Politics of Climate Change
Dieter Helm and Cameron Hepburn’s new book reviewed (FT)