Fiona Harvey Danish pastry: flakey, flakey, flakey

The more the spotlight falls upon this Danish text, the more like a Danish pastry it looks.

Here’s an assertion from Newsweek:

“Under the plan, by 2050 poor countries would have to limit per capita emissions at 1.44 tons, while rich countries would be given extra leeway at 2.67 tons per person.”

Really? Well, that would be absolutely shocking – if it bore any relation to the document.

So, where do those figures appear in the draft text?

Can you find them?

No, because they’re not there. The figures are supplied by NGOs, after the event. They don’t appear in the text. And nowhere are they sourced.

So neither you nor I can make any comment on their validity. Other than this – if these figures have a reasonable pedigree, why isn’t it quoted? If you had a case, why wouldn’t you make it?

The fact that figures are given no provenance, and the case is not made, gives little credibility to the conclusion.
This unsourced speculation – allusions to figures that are not available to scrutiny – does no favours to the originators. Some friends are worse than enemies.

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