Kate Mackenzie Spot news

Mexico hedges on oil prices
$1bn bet shows producers remain wary of double-dip recession (FT)

India builds on Sudanese oil interests
Governments sign agreement to increase exploration, production and infrastructure (FT)

China exports to US may be cut by climate plan
Border tax would substantially reduce US imports from China, World Bank study finds (Bloomberg)

Natural gas producers seek to keep oil price link
Industry meeting in Qatar addresses glut problem (Bloomberg)

Russia’s Shtokman project dogged by disagreement
Partners differ on how to develop 3.8tn cubic meter gas field (Argus)

Enel seeks damages from Greenpeace
Says coal protests costs more than E1.6bn (FT)

Iran says Saudis seized atoms expert
Accused of handing Iranian scientist over to the US (FT)

Exxon commits to Papua New Guinea LNG project
$15bn project would be country’s biggest investment (FT)

Lukoil cuts 10-year output growth targets
Postpones some gas projects due to decrease in demand and US shale gas boom (Bloomberg)

Ex-hippy’s answer was blowing in the wind
UK company sells wind energy direct to consumers (FT)

Philippine ethanol producers pledge to boost output
Mandated percentage to double to 10 per cent by 2011 (Argus)