Kate Mackenzie Copenhagen wrap, day 4: Now for the hard part

The very thorny issue of the US and China is now raised at Copenhagen, when US climate change envoy lived up to his name and made very clear that the US would not be giving any funds to China to help it meet the cost of curbing emissions, writes the FT’s Fiona Harvey.

The two countries – the world’s biggest emitters – are also at loggerheads over carbon reduction commitments.

China last week confirmed carbon intensity reduction targets, and Obama decided to attend the end of the meeting and promised a 17 per cent emissions reduction – but both countries still believe the other is not doing enough.

China hit back – special representative Yu Qingtain pointed out that the developed world had not met its Kyoto Protocol targets. Perhaps more cuttingly, he questioned whether they “have the true political will” to make efforts on climate change.  More in China.org.cn