Daily Archives: December 16, 2009

FT Energy Source

FT Energy Source is posting a daily question for our panel of expert commentators. Below are replies from Jeremy Leggett of Solarcentury, Robert Stavins of Harvard University, Julian Morris of The International Policy Network, Vivienne Cox, chairman of Climate Change Capital, and Lord Browne of Madingley, president of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Is it essential for developed countries to offer a clear commitment to long-term financing for developing countries at Copenhagen?

Jeremy Leggett:The Pope could not have put it better yesterday: “It is important to acknowledge that among the causes of the present ecological crisis is the historical responsibility of the industrialised countries.” We owe the developing countries, because the vast majority of the greenhouse-gas concentrations in the atmosphere have been put up there by the small minority of us that live in the rich countries, whatever the trend is today in China’s rising economy. Read more