Fiona Harvey Copenhagen: It’s meaningful, but it’s only a start, says Obama

Update: President Obama has boarded Air Force One and is heading home after making comments that support both the earlier statement from the US camp and the more cautious view expressed by Brazil’s chief negotiator:

Fiona Harvey reports:

President Obama said the commitments were not enough, but countries would have to build on the progress they had made at Copenhagen: “What we have achieved in Copenhagen will not be the end but the beginning of a new era of international action.”

Countries, he said, had made “a meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough – for the first time in history, all the major economies have come together to take action” on climate change.

He said the agreement contained commitments on mitigation, financing and transparency.

He said turning the agreement into a legally binding form would be “hard” but that he supported a binding treaty. Countries had to get into a position “where everyone realises that they have to move forward together. This is going to be hard – it’s hard within countries, and it’s going to be even harder between countries.”

EU representatives are making a statement now.

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