Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Trade war fears raised on carbon tax (FT)

Shell shifts growth aspirations away from Nigeria (Rigzone)

UK regulator foresees threat to gas supplies (FT)

China sends soldiers to load coal as freeze, snow limit supply for power (Bloomberg)

Democrats push to resist repeal of GHG endangerment finding (Argus)

US Chamber of Commerce lends limited support to Obama (FT)

China’s Yanchang to tap Madagascar oil blocks (Reuters)

US growth to move CO2 output further from Obama’s 2010 target (Bloomberg)

Venezuela starts rolling blackouts (WSJ)

California assembly committee approves oil tax bill (Sacramento Bee)

Italy’s PV solar capacity rises fast (Reuters)

US environmentalists hopeful for 2010 climate bill (Argus)

EU steel industry calls for climate concessions (Argus)