Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

World’s fourth-biggest oil trader reports ‘very good year’ (FT)

Woodside’s floating LNG plan rejected by East Timor (FT)

Security fears threaten smart meter plan (Times)

Forget wind, Pickens turns focus to gas (NY Times)

France to reduce solar rooftop tarriffs (Bloomberg)

Recession hits North Sea oil and gas production (FT)

Slack US power prices slow renewable energy funds – bankers (Reuters)

Repsol chief heads for showdown with critic (FT)

ICE Brent sets open interest record (Argus)

California approves low-carbon fuel standard penalising corn ethanol (Bloomberg)

Falling electricity demand slows infrastructure investments (WSJ)

Massey to expand US, global coal operations (Argus)

ExxonMobil to tap 40m barrels from mature field in Texas (Rigzone)

GoM oil production could be affected by storm this weekend (AccuWeather)

Two more LNG cargoes head to the UK (Argus)

Austrian bank accuses RBS over Enron loan (FT)