Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

BP and Sinopec to exploit China’s shale gas (FT)

Kurdish minister pushes for Iraqi oil deal (FT)

Opec won’t need to raise output in 2010, IEA says (Bloomberg)

Tullow in moves to soothe Ugandan nerves (FT)

Door still ajar for Eni’s Ugandan entry (Argus)

GDF Suez and International Power end talks (FT)

Micronesia calls for decommissioning of Czech Republic coal-fired plant (NY Times)

Vessel freed from Somalia but attacks on tankers soar (Argus)

Goldman Sachs predicts oil supply squeeze in 2011 (Bloomberg)

India challenges UN’s 2007 glacier-melt research (Bloomberg)

Biofuel crops and solar panels may cover 11% of Germany by 2020 (Bloomberg)

Turkmenistan to end personality cult (FT)

Iberdrola offloads Petroceltic stake (FT)

BP, Masdar to invite EPC bids for $2bn hydrogen plant (Dow Jones)

LED makers promise trip to light fantastic (FT)

RBS wanted to retain Enron as key client, court told (FT)