Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Commodity trading houses set to slip under Volcker net (FT)

Study finds banks cool on green ideas (FT)

Trust claims UK carbon footprint a third bigger than thought (FT)

EU agrees conditional target for Copenhagen Accord (Argus)

Ukraine to push for gas ties with Russia (FT)

China overtakes US as Saudi Aramco’s biggest customer (Bloomberg)

Brazil says Devon must keep using $473,000-a-day rig (Bloomberg)

RWE considers UK gas-fired generator (Argus)

Audits downgrade UK biofuels sustainability credentials (Argus)

Total says Venezuelan taxes make Orinoco auction ‘difficult’ (Bloomberg)

Morgan Stanley said to ship jet fuel across biggest ocean (Bloomberg)

US cap and trade must take a back seat: Executives (Reuters)

Kerry vows tough GHG limits (Argus)

China XD Electric flops on Shanghai debut (FT)

Green investors should go geothermal, says VCH (Reuters)

Oil demand has peaked in developed world, says IEA (Reuters)

BHP Billiton buys Athabasca Potash (FT)

Iberdrola to invest $20bn in the US (Bloomberg)

Efficiency company Eaga confident of market position (FT)

NIssan, US to close $1.4bn electric car loan (Bloomberg)

Angola strives to build for the future (FT)

Renewables, nuclear to beat coal growth: Alstom (Reuters)