Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

East Anglia climate scientist calls for more transparency (FT)

BP offers downbeat outlook for 2010; Refining BP’s weak point; BP sets sights on Exxon’s crown (FT)

Steelmakers buy coking coal at peak prices (FT)

Falklands plan angers Argentina (FT)

Siemens targets Indian renewable energy industry (FT)

EU carbon slips further ahead of auctions (Reuters)

Exxon deep dives into high-risk exploration (WSJ)

CNOOC rises most in eight months on higher production targets (Bloomberg)

Oil, trucking industries launch lawsuit against Californian fuel rules (LA Times)

Missouri representatives propose blocking EPA rules (AP)

South Korea seeks 52% rise in renewable spending in 2010 (Bloomberg)

Australian opposition’s climate plan fails to win over key senator (AAP)

Anadarko CEO: Obama meeting favourable for gas producers (Dow Jones)

White House completes indirect biofuels emissions review (Greenwire)