Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Peer review system comes under strain (FT)

Pressure mounts on IPCC chief (FT)

Shell to cut jobs as refining profits fall (FT)

Gazprom consortium hit by weak demand (FT)

Eni offers to sell pipeline stake to settle EU antitrust case (Bloomberg)

ConocoPhillips aims for Syncrude sale within months (Bloomberg)

Plastics explosion for petrochemical prices (FT)

CFTC says ICE compliance staff under ‘strain’ (FT)

Sempra said to be in talks to buy US gas, power unit of RBS (Bloomberg)

British Gas cuts prices by 7% (FT)

Mongolia signals shift on coal demand (FT)

Senators seek sulphur dioxide emissions cuts (Reuters)

Taiwan demands heavy industries cut or offset their emissions (Reuters)

White House committed to climate policy, advisor says (Argus)

Dubai discovers new oil field in Persian Gulf (Dow Jones)

Germany’s solar industry predicts 44% cut in power price (Bloomberg)

Enel’s profits rise 12%, beating analysts’ estimates (Bloomberg)

Companies feel threatened by climate fight: UN chief (Reuters)

Spain’s 2008 emissions fall, but remain above target (Argus)

Sinopec says China needs to review fuel price more frequently (Bloomberg)