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Ed Crooks

Gazprom, Russia’s gas export monopoly, expects both of its controversial new pipelines, Nord Stream and South Stream, to start construction this year.

After all Gazprom’s troubles during the downturn, and delays to high-profile gas production projects, to be pushing ahead with these plans might seem an expensive waste of time.

Weak European demand and rising production of US shale gas and middle eastern LNG, creating a global “gas glut”, have driven down prices and raised questions about whether either pipeline is really needed.

Those questions are, however, based on a false premise.

Kate Mackenzie

Xstrata sees ‘advantages’ in possible Glencore link-up (FT)

Brazil enters fray for African resources (FT)

Ghana blocks Exxon oil-field deal (WSJ)

US courts support for Iran sanctions (FT)

China’s power needs fuel rise in coal prices (FT)

US to review oil’s impact on Alaska marine mammals (Argus)

Areva targets solar power with US move (FT)

Chinese SWF is 4th-biggest holder in US Oil ETF (Bloomberg)

BP’s Sun King Lord Browne reveals his darker side (Guardian)

Italy plans interconnector with Montenegro by 2014 (Argus)

More Qatari LNG cargoes head for UK terminals (Argus)

Melting ice alters way of life in Iqaluit (FT)

Iran supertankers idle in Persian Gulf (Bloomberg)

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