Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Chinese fund filip for oil and gold ETFs (FT)

South Sudan uses oil to ease secession fears (FT)

Concern for Malaysia’s Petronas after Maricon (FT)

China-Russia gas deal still under discussion (Xinhua)

Ghana says it’s ‘not blocking’ Exxon’s Kosmos bid (Bloomberg)

EDF chairman poised for power struggles (FT)

Nordstream and Southstream get green light (FT)

Nigeria names Jonathan acting president (FT)

Chavez declares electricity emergency (FT)

Shareholder alliance tackles Shell, BP on oil sands (Argus)

New US climate data service created (NY Times)

Gazprom scorns shale gas as ‘danger to drinking water’ (Telegraph)

India to complete building first oil storage tank by mid-2001 (Bloomberg)

Washington weather delays weeky EIA data (Houston Chronicle)

Crude falls on US inventory gain (Bloomberg)

KKR continues greening its portfolio (NY Times)

Ecuador may develop $6bn dam project (Bloomberg)

Supply contract agreed for first utility-scale solar farm (Las Vegas Sun)

Timis takes planned listing to Australia (FT)