Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Venezuela auctions off two major oil projects (FT)

Scientists argue over future of IPCC (FT)

Vitol damps oil price hopes (FT)

Renewables shiver in REC’s chill wind (FT)

Suppliers of oil sands fuels shunned (FT)

CNPC in South Pars 11 deal – source (Reuters)

Opec: US economic uncertainty weighs on oil demand (Dow Jones)

Australia urges transparency in Rio case (FT)

Vestas forecasts boost in orders (FT)

Anadarko plans additional wells in deepwater West Africa (Dow Jones)

India rethinks reliance on China (WSJ)

China introduces carbon intensity cap-and-trade scheme (Argus)

Kia plans to introduce hybrid car to US market in 2011 (AFP)

Bangladesh looks to floating LNG (UpstreamOnline)

Shell’s Voser commits converts maximum bonus allowance into shares (Bloomberg)

Italy issues framework to select nuclear sites (Argus)

China’s coal imports tripled in 2009 (Xinhua)

Japan’s 2009 solar panel sales reach record levels due to subsidies (Bloomberg)

New SBI clean tech seeks SWF investors (Bloomberg)