Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

US power groups to merge in $4.7bn deal (FT)

Energy sector shows M&A surge in 2009 (FT)

Shell staff details leaked to campaign group (FT)

UEA widens its ‘climategate’ email scandal probe (FT)

UK industry sees lack of support for green energy (FT)

Global drive helps EDF beat market forecasts (FT)

Total hit by production costs (FT)

Statoil trims production targets (FT)

Duke, Shell and GE lobby for US cap-and-trade (Reuters)

Jonathan meets with oil companies (UpstreamOnline)

Climategate review member resigns (Channel 4)

Floating crude and product storage falls (Argus)

SunPower to acquire Europe’s SunRay (NY Times)

China’s January electricity use up 40 per cent on 2009 (Bloomberg)

EU ETS security criticised (Argus)

Turkmenistan seeks bids from foreign producers (Bloomberg

Known lithium deposits can cover electric car boom for years to come (Reuters)

Iraq adopts ASCI benchmark for US crude sales (Argus)