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Ed Crooks

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BA’s biofuels plans need a lot of waste

Avatar: fiction and fact for the natural resources industry

Shell’s directory leak could be a concern

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William MacNamara

Avatar had already succeeded beyond Hollywood’s wildest fantasies last month, becoming the highest-grossing film of all time and winning nine Oscar nominations including “best feature film”. Since then it has taken on an impressive afterlife, inspiring oppressed peoples and their supporters to draw links between the blue-faced aliens and the real world.

James Cameron was working with old formulas. But he may not have appreciated how effectively the story would stir so many popular beliefs and prejudices. One belief: resources companies are up to no good. Read more

Ed Crooks

BA is planning a biofuels plant, as it makes its bid for the “green airline” ticket. Its proposed project, to be built in east London, would employ 1,200 people and produce 16m gallons of aviation fuel a year.

It is a smart move, stealing a march on Sir Richard Branson, leader of BA’s bitter rival Virgin Atlantic. Sir Richard has been talking a lot about the danger of oil shortages – the “oil crunch”, as he has been calling it – as head of the UK business task force on peak oil, but has made only tentative attempts to position his company to face that threat.

However, BA’s plant would deliver only modest amounts of fuel, while consuming enormous quantities of London’s garbage.

There is a very real prospect that we will hit “peak waste” before we hit peak oil. Read more

James Fontanella-Khan

Scaroni defends Eni’s rising debt load (FT)

Demand set to boost margins at Formosa (FT)
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