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William MacNamara

On Energy Source:

Antarctic ice is melting, supporting global warming claims Read more

Sheila McNulty

A new study of Antarctic ice suggests that in spite all the fuss around climategate, the controversy over whether scientists have withheld facts casting doubt on the theory of global warming, there continues to be evidence that the world is heating up. The latest evidence is from the US Geological Survey, which said its research is the first to document that every ice front in the southern part of the Antarctic Peninsula has been retreating from 1947 to 2009, with the most dramatic changes occurring since 1990. Read more

Energy suppliers urged to cut prices (FT)

Debate heats up on weather and oil demand (FT) Read more

Sheila McNulty

As Congress continues to argue over how best to regulate carbon emissions, the Obama Administration is moving forward to do it on its own. Lisa Jackson, administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency, has issued the timeline she expects to follow. She said no facility will be required to address greenhouse gas emissions in Clean Air Act permitting of new construction or modifications before 2011. Read more