Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Putin threatens energy-sector oligarchs (FT)

Nigeria rejects criticism of new oil policy (FT)

Iberdrola to focus on US for growth (FT)

Secretive Bloom raises the curtain (NYT)

Gamesa may open UK wind turbine factory (FT)

Vermont scuttles plans for nuclear reactor (WSJ)

Conoco’s $10bn divestiture plan seen hinging on Syncrude (Bloomberg)

Chu says US must decrease energy use (Dow Jones)

European energy giants seek lower prices from Gazprom (NYT)

Italy delays new solar plan again, industry worried (Reuters)

Argentina asks UN for help with Falklands oil row (FT)

Saudi Arabia unveils natural gas find in North (Xinhua)

Hindustan Petroleum revives $4bn refinery, chemical plan (Bloomberg)

Yar’Adua’s return to Nigeria provokes US warning (FT)