Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

University rebuts ‘climategate’ accusations (FT)

Nigeria orders Statoil to set aside oil proceeds (FT)

Centrica says UK gas alternatives are vital; Centrica warns over regulatory uncertainty (FT)

Gazprom in contract shake-up (FT)

Nuclear renaissance struggles to fire up (FT)

Walmart to set emissions goals for suppliers (FT)

Mitsubishi in £100m wind turbine drive (FT)

RWE sees slower utility sales (FT)

Repsol suffers from slump in oil prices (FT)

EU industry CO2 output fell 11% in 2009 (Reuters)

Opec output reaches 14-month high on Saudi gain (Bloomberg)

AGL shelves $A1bn in wind investments over policy uncertainty (Reuters)

Deere considers sale of $1bn of wind assets (Reuters)

Climate change, population prompt calls for British land use change (FT)

Profile: Adrian Heaney of Tullow Oil (FT)

China passes US as top Saudi oil importer (AFP)

Norway falls short on oil reserves replacement (Argus)

Natural gas deserves special status, US groups say (Argus)

Shell slows Colorado oil shale plans (UpstreamOnline)