Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Climate expert admits ‘awful emails’ (FT)

US offers to mediate in Falklands oil dispute (FT)

Georgia utility to sell subsidised nuclear bonds (FT)

BP close to agreeing $200m shale gas deal (FT)

Lyondell rejects Reliance bid (Bloomberg)

China looks to Arctic shipping routes, possibly resources (FT)

Green energy programme drafted, says official (China Daily)

Petrobras on track for ultradeep GoM project (Houston Chronicle)

Eon puts US supply arms up for sale (FT)

ExxonMobil’s spending exceeds cashflow in 2009 (WSJ)

New IAEA head takes tougher line (FT)

Israel presses China over Iran sanctions (FT)

House Republicans plan to offer GHG endangerment reduction (Argus)

A warning on Europe’s forests (NYT)

West Virginia approves permit for CTL plant (Argus)

Saudi Arabia may nearly double supply of oil to India (Bloomberg)

Aramco steps up gas chase (UpstreamOnline)

BP adds non-executive director (BP)