Kate Mackenzie Energy headlines

Coal-fired power to win UK carbon capture grants (FT)

BP promises $3bn boost to profits (FT)

Kazakhstan looks at new oil export route to Europe (FT)

Iberdrola wind farm unit heads for Glasgow (FT)

Senator Graham calls cap-and-trade plan dead (Reuters)

Daimler plans electric car with BYD (FT)

Pemex records 2009 loss as output falls (Argus)

Spain may cut prices for solar, wind power in months (Bloomberg)

Ferrari to show off its first hybrid car (FT)

Gazprom may reduce 50% Southstream stake, allowing EDF entry (Bloomberg)

Brazil oil supply start-up eyes $5.6bn IPO (FT)

Consumerism ‘doomed’, investment forum told (The Times)

Saudi Arabia raises most crude prices to US (Bloomberg)

Senators urge GHG standards for existing coal fleet (Argus)

Physical coal trading hits new monthly highs (Argus)

Canada-US pipelines may run at reduced rate until 2017 (Bloomberg)

Saudi output still down from 2008 – Aramco (Reuters)