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Kate Mackenzie

Image of the week:

Offshore wind turbine construction plant in Zeebrugge, Belgium: Read more

Sheila McNulty

The main headline out of Exxon’s analyst presentation yesterday was that it continues to make billions of dollars and is spending them even as others pull back in the economic downturn. That Exxon is going to shell out another $28bn this year in capital spending is significant, but not particularly surprising.

So, what else to take away? There were a few things. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

A Gallup poll is the latest to suggest that interest in mitigating climate change is on the wane. But what is the cause?  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

On FT Energy Source:

Russia, Saudi Arabia – and the Indian oil trajectory

- OECD crude demand – settling, or still being destroyed?

- Energy efficiency a focus at CERA Week

- Hydro-fracking and earthquakes? Uh-oh…

- IEA on narrowing contango: it’s fundamentals

- More on the European shale gas rush

- Where the European shale gas plays are

- ExxonMobil continues to spend through the downturn

- Oil traders going OTC, and G20 climate funding in Energy headlines

Further reading:

- ‘Passing on the costs’ of carbon

- Opec may face Iraq challenge sooner than expected

- China’s energy investments in central Asia

- A new unit for (saved) energy

- Carbon sequestration sites, compared

- Gas is becoming more like coal

- Electric vehicles, utilities and keeping up with the Joneses

- Competing for energy security

- Reconsidering EU energy policy
 Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Gregor MacDonald put together a great chart earlier this week:

Now there are quite a few interesting observations to make here, as Gregor writes, about the developed demand peaking, Brazilian bioethanol and more. But what struck us most was that the chart is total, not per capita consumption – this is for an Indian population of 1.139bn, Brazil’s 191.9m and California’s 36m. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Interest in the narrowing contango and its possible causes have been growing in the past few weeks, and the IEA on Fridayi looked at the subject – and the question of whether tighter prompt markets or “less alarmist views on the future” are responsible.

The answer they say, is likely both – going on to point to several fundamentals that could reasonably be driving both ends of the market – and the small signs of an OECD demand floor was just one of them: Read more

Kate Mackenzie

The IEA’s monthly oil report out on Friday makes for familiar reading: non-OECD demand slightly stronger, partly offset by OECD demand being slightly weaker – resulting in a small upgrade in overall demand forecasts: Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Interest in Europe’s unconventional gas potential is ramping up very quickly indeed. Poland has so far been the focus of most European shale gas interest. But security of gas supply is a big concern for many countries in Europe, not least of which is the UK, where energy security more broad has subject of numerous alarming reports of late. Read more

Sheila McNulty

It seems ironic that the world’s energy companies are proponents of energy efficiency. After all, the use of energy is what drives their profits. Yet the industry has long known that the less energy it uses itself, the more money it can save, which benefits the bottom line. This was one of the themes explored at this week’s IHS CERA energy conference in Houston. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

E&P Magazine has published several terrific charts on European shale gas, including this one showing which companies are operating where (click through for full size):


Source: IHS/E&P

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