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Kate Mackenzie

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- The post-healthcare vote outlook for a US climate bill Read more

Kate Mackenzie

The signing of the US healthcare bill on Tuesday has once again sent the compass needles of Washington’s pundits spinning. At the moment, it’s hard to judge exactly what this will mean for climate change legislation, but the lessons that the Republicans draw from the healthcare process will be crucial. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Although, to labour the cod-French a little further, it was only peut-etre in the first place anyhow.

France’s prime minister Francois Fillon has confirmed plans to propose a carbon tax will be dropped after some representatives of the ruling UMP party blamed opposition to the idea for heavy losses in last weekend’s regional elections.

Ironically, as the FT reports, the carbon tax idea was aimed at winning over more green voters to the centre-right UMP. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Is a Bill Gates-backed nuclear start-up going to tackle two of nuclear’s biggest challenges: sourcing and disposing of uranium? “Talks” between TerraPower and Toshiba, one of the world’s three big nuclear energy industry leaders, are lending some hope to the idea.

TerraPower is a spin-off of Intellectual Ventures, a start-up founded by a former Microsoft CTO, backed by Gates, and has only a handful of staff. Its reactor designs could represent huge advantages over existing systems, but it’s early days.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

In a week coloured by the Stern Hu trial and Google’s exit from mainland China, some of China’s efforts to broaden its access to energy resources have been a little more politic.

Last April, we wrote about the phenomenon of Chinese companies partnering with western oil groups, which has been a feature of many Chinese forays into foreign oil and gas development. This type of agreement is still on the rise. Shell for example is bidding for Australia’s Arrow Energy with PetroChina, and on Wednesday announced a 30-year partnership with PetroChina’s parent company CNPC on developing tight gas in China’s own Sichuan Basin.

So, what’s in it for the western or the Chinese companies?  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Toshiba in talks with TerraPower on nuclear reactors (FT)

Shell joins CNPC for project (FT)

French carbon tax plans scrapped (FT)

Conoco to halve stake in Lukoil (FT)

Global conventional oil reserves ‘exaggerated by a third’ (UpstreamOnline)

Calm in gas prices jars for traders (FT)

BP says Devon assets will yield 100,000 barrels a day (Bloomberg) Read more