Daily Archives: March 26, 2010

Sheila McNulty

T Boone Pickens has been wrong before, but that’s often been down to timing rather than his choice of asset. And that is why it is interesting to note, in a recent interview, how keen he is about wind — and now, water. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

On FT Energy Source:

- Shale gas in Europe and China – the outlook Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Virent, a Wisconsin company, and Shell have managed to produce a small amount of biogasoline from sugar – a significant advance, although there are many other challenges still facing biofuels.  Read more

Kate Mackenzie

It’s official. We’ve seen that China leads the world on wind turbine installations and wind and solar manufacturing, and now a study by The Pew Charitable Trusts finds China is winning the ‘clean tech race’, such as it is. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

A US climate bill looks ever more complicated even as it apparently gets closer to being introduced in the Senate – reports on Thursday are suggesting mid to late April. The three senators behind the bill have been holding numerous meetings in an attempt to win adequate support, but the obstacles still appear vast. Here’s a few:  Read more

Guenther Oettinger, EU energy commissioner, set the cat among the proverbial pigeons this week by appearing to suggest that the Nabucco gas pipeline could be delayed for four years. Read more

Kate Mackenzie

Big Oil seeks nat gas deal in US climate bill (Reuters)

Senators outline US utility carbon market (Bloomberg)

Mulva warns of challenge to growth efforts (FT)

Shell venture yields petrol from sugar (FT)

GE plans for £99m offshore wind turbine plant (FT)

China’s gas sector heats up amid flurry of deals (FT) Read more